Angie Everhart? More Like Angie Everhot

I have no idea what the Unstoppable Foundation does or who they honor and I know I could totally look it up, but I’m not going to do that. Why, you might be wondering? Simple, Angie Everhart is rocking a dress with a bit of see through action and I want to believe that the Unstoppable Foundation is honoring the unstoppable hotness of Angie Everhart.  

I can remember a time when I actually called Angie Everhart, Angie Everhot and I am not ashamed to admit it. Sure, I may not bring it up in dinner conversation without a prompt, but when is the time when I can say it and not get a weird look? And you know what, she’s still pretty Everhot. At first glance you wouldn’t think there was much to this dress, she’s pretty much covered from head to toe, but upon further inspection those mesh accents are in just right the place to make this dress incredibly hot. It would seem that Angie Everhart’s boobs are still as awesome as ever.  

I don’t know if Angie Everhart went home with some kind of award for years of hotness, but I’d like to this so. After all, everyone who attended this gala got to go home with the award of seeing Angie Everhart’s boobs and that’s the best kind of award.