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The serrano pepper is a type of chili pepper that originated in the mountainous regions of the Mexico. It's name references the Sierra mountain range in this region. Angela Serrano may not be from Mexico — we actually have no idea where this woman of mystery was born and raised — but we do know that Angela is one hot pepper who will make any man's mouth water. Angela is one of the rack-tresses who appears in exactly one flick, strips for the camera, and then disappears to do ... what exactly? The hairy palms at Skin Central couldn't scrounge up any information. Perhaps Angela hoped to leave her nudie flick in the past and erase it from her history entirely. "Angela Serrano" probably isn't even her real name. But according to Skinema fans, Angela has nothing to be ashamed about, and whether she likes it or not, her boobs will go down in skinsesational history. In her singular onscreen credit, Angela has nothing to hide. Sure, she's not even listed in the credits, she doesn’t have any lines, and the only thing she does is appear topless giving a massage to an evil gangster. But for the brief time that they’re on the screen, Angela's titanic titties turn the Steven Seagal action flick The Keeper (2009) into a rack-tion flick with you as the peeper! If you really did some digging, you'd see that Angela's character technically has a name — "Asian Massage Girl" — but viewers know that she's no girl. Angela is all woman!