Andie MacDowell to Make Her Nude Debut at 59

No More Body Doubles For Andie MacDowell

Throughout her careerAndie MacDowell has been the love interest of many men and has created a warm spot in all of our hearts. On several different occasions we've wondered, "Did I just see Andie MacDowell's boobs?" or "Was that Andie MacDowell's ass?" And each time we have sadly learned that no, that was in fact a body double. Well, it would seem at the age of 59, Andie MacDowell is finally ready to make her nude debut.

Love After Love follows Andie MacDowell's character as she finds love again after the death of her husband.Andie's reason for using body doubles all her career was that she never wanted to embarrass her children. Now that they are grown up—and one of them has made her own nude debut recently—it's time for Andie MacDowell to show off her nude body. Though it wasn't the easiest decision to make and then follow through with, Andie MacDowell found away. The movie's director helped a lot, or as MacDowell put it:

The director [Russell Harbaugh] knew it wasn’t something I was dying to do, so the crew was cut back. And I practiced! Right before we did the scene, he said, “How do you want to do this?” I said, “Should I just show you?” So I took my clothes off in front of him and said, “What do you think?” He kept saying, “You are so beautiful, oh that’s beautiful, that’s beautiful.” It made me calm.

The last time I was this excited about an Andie MacDowell film wasGinostraback in 2002 because I thought we had seen her topless. Turns out, it was another body double. Now, I'm on the edge of my seat ready to see Andie MacDowell's nude debut. Sounds like it could be a full frontal, but it might only be from the waist up, which is still pretty awesome in my book. Love After Love is set to come out this Friday, March 30th.

via NY Post