Anatomy Awards

Honoring Achievements in Film and TV Nudity.

Welcome to Mr. Skin's 16th Annual Anatomy Awards, a celebration of the greatest skinematic achievements from the previous year! Naked celebrities have been awarded the highest, hardest honors in categories like Breast Picture, Best Boobs, Best Butt, and Best TV Show. Plus, one Hollywood nudity legend is taking home the Lifetime Skinchievement Award. Now - onto the awards!

Lifetime Skinchievement
Julianne Moore

Skin's Take

Naturally radiant redhead Julianne Moore bared her burning bush for her nude debut in Short Cuts, and hasn't slowed down since! With a full resume of nude scenes as hot as her firecrotch, Julianne has tantalized us in such films as Body of Evidence, The Big Lebowski, Boogie Nights, Chloe, and many more!

Peeper's Choice Winners

Over the past few weeks, we've let our users vote on the eight main categories of this year's Anatomy Awards. The Peeper's have spoken, and here are your winners...

Academy Award Nominees Nude

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