Kanye West is no stranger to courting controversy, and he's back squarely in the headlines with his latest potential project, his very own porn production company. In order to create "Yeezy Porn" West is teaming up with none other than Stormy Daniels' ex-husband and porn collaborator Mike Moz.

Kanye West is also no stranger to announcing projects that never come to fruition, and he's no stranger to self-sabotaging even his most lucrative endeavors, so Yeezy Porn is far from a reality. Still, we're gearing up for this potential industry disruptor with a look at Kanye's exes who would be perfect for porn. Heck, some of them should feel right at home.

List Of Kanye West's Exes Who Would Be Perfect For His New Porn Company

Yeezy Porn or no Yeezy Porn, it only makes sense to rank Kanye's exes by their porniness. These ladies deserve the world. We are leaving off Kanye's pre-Amber Rose exes (Brooke Crittendon, Alexis Phifer, and Sumeke Rainey) as Sumeke and Alexis are not in the entertainment business and Brooke does not maintain much of an online presence. A-listers only today folks, like Amber Rose.

West has been lucky enough to date some of the most beautiful women in the world, as well as stars like Kim Kardashian. His luck will seemingly never run dry, as West married the Instagram model Bianca Censori at the beginning of 2023. Without further ado, here are all of Kanye West's famous exes who would be perfect for his porn company, ranked.

6) Irina Shayk Nude (Dated Kanye in 2021)

All Of Kanye West's Famous Exes Ranked By HotnessAll Of Kanye West's Famous Exes Ranked By Hotness

West's brief girlfriend Irina Shayk is perfect in every way, but this Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model is too mainstream to consider porn.

5) Julia Fox Masturbation Scene (Late 2021 - Early 2022)

Fox and West's brief month together delivered some of the most iconic moments in 2020s pop culture history. Fox actually masturbated on camera in PVT Chat, so who knows. While she hates attention, there is hope here.

4) Chaney Jones Sexy (2022)

Jones is an aspiring Kardashian, and Kardashians never shy away from a chance for screen time.

3) Amber Rose Sexy (2008-2010)

Amber Rose's brand could use a reboot, and what better way to do that than with porn?

List Of Kanye West's Exes Who Would Be Perfect For His New Porn Company

2) Bianca Censori Sexy (2022-Current)

West's current wife possesses all of the, ahem, assets we've come to expect from his partners. She's an Australian designer and model, and so far seems to do anything for her man. We think that Bianca will definitely have sex on camera for West.

1) Kim Kardashian Sex Tape (2012-2021)

West's longest relationship was with his most famous partner. For years it seemed as though these two were inseparable, but as we know from the documentary Kim Vs. Kanye: The Divorce, their time together could actually not have been messier. Speaking of messy, Kardashian has already done porn, so who's to say she won't fall back into old habits.