These Are The Only Workout Pics We Need

We all have that one friend who fills their social media feed with nothing but workout pics. Pre-workout, during the workout, post-workout, post-workout meals, pre-workout meals, drinking water during workouts—if they can find a way to let you know how much healthier they are than you, they’ll do it. Yes, I’m with you, it’s pretty annoying. Though if Alison Brie wants to keep posting pictures of her ass in yoga pants after a workout, I’m totally cool with that.  

While it would seem Alison Brie wanted to post a pic of her rear end covered in cat hair after a workout so we could all have a little laugh, I find nothing funny about it. Never mind the confusion of how all the hair got on her rump (Did she do core stuff where the cat was sleeping? Did the cat sleep on her butt while she was doing push-ups), there is nothing in the world that could dampen the excitement of seeing Alison Brie’s post workout ass in tight pants. It took me a good five minutes to notice the cat hair because I so caught up in the awesome sight of Alison Brie’s ass.  

Everyone is happy for you, gym pic poster, you have the time and discipline to workout and be healthy, good for you. But we don’t really care what’s in your smoothie or how much you benched. The only workout pics we really want to see involve Alison Brie.