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It's not only cars, coffee makers, and handguns that the Germans construct with an eye for pleasing, streamlined form and unparalleled functionality. Take one look at former model Alexandra Kamp. Flashing a reddish tinge to her brunette mane, Alexandra has taken her long, sensual, and manifestly strong frame and risen from the catwalk to the bigger-than-life cinema screen. The results are eye boggling. Displaying an amazingly hot actress's points of keenest interest is not verboten on German television. It's a wonder cathode screens across the Vaterland did not melt down with the appearance of Alexandra Kamp's hot spots in Eine Lüge zuviel (1997) and Der Kopp (1999). For easier rental access to Alexandra's tasty ta-tas, tiptoe into the domestic goof flick 2001: A Space Travesty (2000).

2001: A Space Travesty (2000) Nude, breasts 00:46:00 She does a sexy striptease for Leslie Nielsen. First bra & panties, then the bra comes off. Brief tits. (52 secs)
Morgen gehört der Himmel dir (1999) Nude, breasts 00:17:00 Alexandra's apples are unveiled as the guy lying next to her in bed slides down her top. Hello! (14 secs)
Morgen gehört der Himmel dir (1999) Nude, breasts 00:37:00 More boobsicles, this time as Alexandra soaps up in the tub while her guy natters on in the background. (15 secs)
Ich liebe eine Hure (1998) Nude, breasts, butt 00:15:00 Unbelievably sexy striptease featuring hot lingerie, an ass slap, and a bare right boob at the end! Five freakin' stars right here! (1 min 5 secs)
Ich liebe eine Hure (1998) Nude, breasts, butt 00:25:00 A teeny hint of upper crackage when she rides her guy in bed, then some nice boobies during her dismount. Perfect 10. (44 secs)
Ich liebe eine Hure (1998) Nude, breasts 00:27:00 Kamp's no tramp, but she does let her boobs bust on out of her slip when she and her hornball dude engage in some hot and heavy foreplay against a wall. (23 secs)
Ich liebe eine Hure (1998) Nude, breasts 00:45:00 Even more of this redheaded firecracker and her naked left bottle rocket in bed with some random guy. (51 secs)
Ich liebe eine Hure (1998) Nude, breasts 00:47:00 Rock the boat! Alex pulls down her top, shows us her right tit, and proceeds to administer a bj to her lucky oarsman. (12 secs)
Ich liebe eine Hure (1998) Nude, breasts 01:27:00 She's like a cat in heat! Alex's man sneaks up behind her in the bathroom, pulls off her robe, exposes her now-ubiquitous bazooms, and they get down to business, right then and there. (47 secs)
Eine Lüge zuviel (1997) Nude, breasts, butt 00:04:00 See bushels of buns and a bounty of breasts when she joins her man in the shower before sexing it up on a bed, followed by her lying in bed . . . dead, naked and hot!!! (2 mins 9 secs)
Eine Lüge zuviel (1997) Nude, breasts 00:07:00 Still dead, still naked, still hot. However, Herzsprung inexplicably dresses her in panties, then she's just dead and hot. (1 min 14 secs)

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