Uma Thurman sexy breastsLucky Vampire to Bed Three of Mr. Skin Favorites

If you've spent any time around women between the ages of twelve and, oh, forty over the past two years, you should know one thing: They are ALL in love with Twilight vampire Robert Pattinson. And his desirability among the world's females is beginning to put him in close proximity to some of Mr. Skin's favorite actresses.

Pattinson stars opposite Rachel Weisz (who we just can't stop talking about these days) in Unbound Captives, out later this year. But there's little chance of Rachel-on-vampire action, as RPattz plays her son. He will, however, get to sex up some extremely sultry leading ladies in his next project.

FemaleFirst reports:

The 'Twilight' star has signed up to star in a big screen version of French author Guy de Maupassant's 19th Century novel 'Bel Ami' in which he will play ambitious young journalist Georges Duroy who sleeps his way to the top.

Pattinson's first on-screen conquest will be Thurman's character Madeleine.

Film fans could possibly see Pattinson get steamy with Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas, who both also star as Clotilde and Virginie respectively.

The movie will be helmed by theatre director Declan Donnellan, who is making his celluloid debut, and three other actresses are to join the all-star cast.

Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Christina Ricci all have impressive nude résumés, so chances for skin in Bel Ami are high, especially given the sex-centered plot. But which three other actresses could join them in taking a bite out of Edward Cullen? Our suggestions? How about Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams, and Vera Farmiga? Who would you like to see join the sexy cast of Bel Ami? Let us know in the comments.