Rachel Weisz sexy cleavageWeisz Raising a Man with Discernible Taste

We have a confession to make: We have something in common with Rachel Weisz's three-year-old son. We 're both obsessed with Weisz's breasts! Unfortunately we don't have as much access to the objects of desire as the young tot, but at least we're old enough to understand that they're more than just moving Nerf balls.

FemaleFirst reports:

The Oscar-winning actress has revealed Henry - whose father is 'The Wrestler' director Darren Aronofsky - is fascinated with ladies' chests, but thinks her boobs are the best.

She said: "He's really into firemen - and women's breasts! He just talks about them all the time.

"It's very sweet, he thinks that I have the biggest breasts in the world. That's a son's idolatry of his mother, that I'm the biggest and the best."

We're going to have to dispute the kid's claim that Mom's boobs are the biggest in the world, but there may be something to the second part of his assertion. But don't let our undying love of the Brit thespian sway your opinion. Take a look at Rachel Weisz nude in her ten bare appearances on film so far and let us know what you think. Does Rachel Weisz have the best breasts in the world?