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The All-American Girl (1972)

Great Nudity!

Peggy Church is The All-American Girl (1973) through and through. But her boyfriend Alan Abelew has a-blown town for the summer, shuffling off to Guatemala and leaving Peggy feeling a wee bit bored. That's when her neighbors -- and their 15-year-old son -- come into the picture! Peggy's summer is about to get wiggy.

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Allamerican church 4 sat large 3
Peggy Church Nude 00:00:00 Dream girl Peggy strips down in a bathroom to give a younger dude a lesson in loving. Pokey boobs first, then comes full frontal before the BJ. Awesome!
Allamerican church 1 sat large 3
Peggy Church Nude 00:00:00 The fantastic Peggy and her puffy-nipped wonders strip down and hit the bed for a self-love session. See EVERYTHING!
Allamerican church 5 sat large 3
Peggy Church Nude 00:00:00 Peggy peels down to full frontal and groovy booty when a dude ties her to a bed and tickles her with a feather.
Allamerican church 3 sat large 3
Peggy Church, Tracy Handfuss Nude, lesbian 00:00:00 Peggy and Tracy go girl-girl crazy, each baring every inch in this two minute long lesbian sex-a-thon!
Allamerican church 6 sat large 3
Peggy Church Nude 00:00:00 Peg and her man slowly strip each other down, and we get one final view of her full frontal gifts. What's more hole-y than Church?
Allamerican church 2 sat large 3
Peggy Church Nude, breasts 00:00:00 Perfect Peg changes while sitting up in bed, showing us her outstanding chest missiles.


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