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Sexiest Red Carpet Looks From 2017 People's Choice Awards Spl1425225 020 copy 3ef7777b featured

So many sexy ladies, so little time!... read more

The Art of Elysium's Heaven Gala Is Heavenly Spl1418376 007 724160d6 web 3aa18ae2 featured

Whatever Award Was Given Wasn't As Great As These Beauties... read more

Who Was The Sexiest Celebrity At The 2017 Golden Globes? Spl1419135 008 copy 32008720 featured

The actresses who graced the 2017 Golden Globes red carpet proved that skin is indeed in, and we want you to tell us who delivered the night's sexiest look!... read more

Best Red Carpet In History With Teigen Vagina, Munn Nipple Spl1397786 014 copy b93c8703 featured

I don't want to be the boy who cried vagina and nipple, but I feel pretty damn safe in saying that this weekend's American Music Awards delivered the best red carpet in the history of all time ever. Don't believe me? Gorgeous Victoria's Secret angel Chrissy Teigen gave us a clear view of her shaved vag, and the always-sexy Olivia Munn bared her nips in a see-through dress! It's a true Thanksgiving miracle!... read more

Did Kate Hudson Just Steal Emily Ratajkowski's Look? Yes. Kate hudson 988a26d0 featured

But it's okay. ... read more

Here's Your Full Mr. Skin 2016 Emmy Awards Recap Spl1357853 040 copy 6431a3e0 featured

Check out all of the sexiest Mr. Skin-approved moments from last night's Emmy Awards, as well as the list of the biggest winners! Go Tatiana Maslany, go! ... read more

These Are Salma Hayek's Areolas in See Through Dress, Right? Spl1331417 020 copy 3cee9293 featured

Are-whoa-la! The stunning Salma Hayek lends her voice to this weekend's raunchy R-rated Sausage Party, and showed up to the animated flick's Los Angels premiere showing off her breast assets in a revealing see through dress! In addition to flaunting her huge boobs that turn Vienna sausages into bratwursts, the 49-year-old (can we just stop and appreciate that for a second. FOURTY NINE and she looks as smoking hot as ever) gives some areola action. As if seeing those huge cans wasn't enough!... read more

"Suicide Squad" Has An All-Star Sexy Red Carpet Spl1328129 049 14d27abe featured

So, apparently Suicide Squad isn’t getting rave reviews and I can’t figure out why. How in the world could people not love a film that features Cara Delevingne, Kehlani, Summer Tiger, Margot Robbie, and Karen Fukuhara? Just look at the red carpet, it looks pretty damn awesome to me. ... read more

"Bad Moms" Has One Sexy Red Carpet Spl1324196 001 c038ae0c featured

I have heard that celebrities don’t actually stay and watch the movie during the premiere. They simply walk the red carpet, shake some hands, do a little schmoozing, and then duck out the back door before the opening credits roll. Whether that’s true or not, I guess we’ll never know, but really—when your movie is full beautiful ladies, the red carpet is all that matters.

... read more

Gigi Hadid Nips Out in the Best Possible Way at the Sports Illustrated Party Spl1229769 001 jpg 9155c20d featured

You've seen Gigi Hadid in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but have you seen her at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue party? ... read more

Which Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Star Won the Premiere Red Carpet? 36851 web

Sadly, there's no nudity in the new film Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but there are lots of hot women in the cast, all of whom recently walked the red carpet in support of the film! Tell us which woman you think won the red carpet in the comments section below!

Hit the jump for more pics...... read more

Thor's Jaimie Alexander Shows Her Carpet on the Red Carpet [PICS] 14374 web

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Well, the bad news is that today’s wide release, Thor: The Dark World, has zero nudity in it. Zilch, zippo.

The good news is that Jaimie Alexander, who plays the goddess Sif, made up for the lack of skin onscreen by showing off her carpet at the red carpet premiere in L.A. Her sheer paneled dress left no room for unsightly items like bra and panties, and one intrepid photog knew just the right spot to capture that perfect angle.
Behold, Jaimie’s goddess-like gluteus and un- S.H.I.E.L.D.-ed hairpie after the jump!... read more

Eva Longoria Slips Out Her Golden Globe [PICS] 12756 web

Eva Longoria wasn’t about to let the most titillatingly named award show on television pass by without slipping out a golden globe of her own!
After arriving at the Warner Bros InStyle Golden Globes Party in Beverly Hills, Eva leaned over to expose some thigh for the photogs, and ended up letting out one long-nipped Longoria tip instead.

See pics after the jump!... read more

German Model Micaela Schafer Brings Back VHS [PICS] 11347 web

We knew VHS would come back! It's just all on Micaela Shafer now.

Michaela caused quite a stir this week on the red carpet when she wore this outfit, consisting of little more than magnetic tape and a leather belt, to the European premiere of Men in Black 3.

If you haven't heard of Micaela (it's ok, we hadn't either), she is sort of the German equivalent of an Adrianne Curry- former Top Model reality-show contestant and current professional attention-seeker...and yes, that's areola peeking out there. Stay classy, Germany!

Of course, the best way to get attention is to take your clothes off entirely, so please give your full concentration to nude pics of Micaela Schafer after the jump!... read more

Anna Faris Flashes Panties at The Dictator Premiere [PICS] 11334 web

Is it just us, or was Anna Faris rocking some granny panty on the red carpet last weekend at the premiere of her new movie The Dictator?

Maybe it's just the white fabric against the red silk dress, but we're getting a bit of a diaper vibe from this one.

Of course, we'll have to see the rest of 'em to get an accurate picture. And some shots without the panties. You know, for reference.

See more of Anna Faris' red-carpet wardrobe malfunction after the jump!... read more

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