Megan Fox sexy black bikini 2Is Megan Fox Nudity Really on Its Way? No and Maybe.

We've been waiting to see Megan Fox nude almost as long as the Cubs have been waiting to win the World Series, and this week our hopes were dashed when a reviewer revealed that Megan's upcoming teen flesh-eater flick Jennifer's Body contains no nudity whatsoever. The promise of those sexy near-nude pics that hit the Internet over a year ago will not be fulfilled.

But that doesn't mean that we'll never see Megan Fox naked. In fact, a tipster of reportedly reliable pedigree swears we'll get what we want in 2010 with the release of Jonah Hex.

First, the bad news. A reader of We Are Movie Geeks who saw a test screening of Jennifer's Body reports:

It seems the studio who made this movie felt it was a good idea to advertise the movie in a way that makes guys think she gets naked and then completely fail to deliver. The trailers are very provocative and contain scenes implying that Jennifer shows a lot of skin, skin we would get to see in the actual R-rated film. Obviously we don’t get to see this in trailer, which gets TV air-time.

I assume the R-rating is for the blood and violence, language and maybe some of the sexual innuendo, but that’s all that’s “sexual” in Jennifer’s Body. The infamous scene from the trailer showing Jennifer, played by Megan Fox, getting out of the lake after skinny dipping is identical in the movie to the trailer. WE SEE NOTHING MORE!

The closest we get are a couple of scenes when Jennifer unzips to reveal some rather nice cleavage, luring her male prey in right before the kill. Otherwise, we get about as much skin from Amanda Seyfried who plays Jennifer’s nerdy friend Needy Lesnicky.

Luckily WAMG soon followed this news with a rumor sure to perk up your spirits.

This morning we posted the Jennifer’s Body review sent in to us from a reader so we now know that there is NO NUDE scene in the film. Well I jumped back into my inbox and I received an email from an “insider” stating this: "If they want to see Megan Fox naked, just wait til Jonah Hex."

Although I can not reveal the identity of this “insider” I can tell you that this person has been right about everything they have sent me in the past.

We really hope this rumor pans out, but we're not counting our chickens just yet. What do you think? Is this just another tease? Or will Jonah Hex really cast the spell that finally gets Megan Fox to go nude?

And just so you know what to expect, here's the red band trailer for Jennifer's Body, which shows all you'll see of Megan's body.

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