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Movie Nudity Report: Only Lovers Left Alive

Fri, Apr 11, 2014 @ 12:00pm by Skin Central (Comment!)


Nude in limited release this week, the frequently nude Tilda Swinton doffs her duds yet again in the new Jim Jarmusch vampire love story Only Lovers Left Alive. Tilda shows her right breast and some side views of her seat meat in an overhead shot as she and co-star Tom Hiddleston lay naked on a bed!

We've gotten much more from Tilda in the past in such films as Young Adam and Orlando! Even director Jim Jarmusch has had better nude scenes in his films Broken Flowers and The Limits of Control.

Hit the jump for some of our favorite screen caps from their past films!


Rachel Weisz's Rack and Rump Rake in Bucks for Agora

Thu, Oct 15, 2009 @ 10:30am by Orlando Lockridge (9 Comments)

Rachel Weisz sexy cleavageAgora Becomes Spain's Top Earner for 2009

We always eagerly anticipate movies featuring the lovely and elegant Rachel Weisz, in no small part because a movie featuring Rachel Weisz is likely to also feature Rachel Weisz nudity. Next up in the queue for Rach is the historical epic Agora, which showcases Rachel's butt and left breast.

Agora, in which Weisz plays Greek astronomer, philosopher, and mathematician Hypatia of Alexandria, opened this weekend in Spain to booming box office, nearly knocking the country's top earner of all time out of the #1 spot.

After the cut, get the details on Agora's success and hear what Rachel had to say about her nude scenes in the film.


Blake Lively Doesn't Show Nippa in Pippa Lee

Mon, Oct 12, 2009 @ 1:45pm by Orlando Lockridge (15 Comments)

Blake Lively sexy cleavageHere's the Gossip, Girl: Blake Lively Is Not Nude in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Last week image caps unexpectedly leaked from the movie The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, giving us hope that this might be our chance to finally see Blake Lively nude. The pics depicted Blake in some old-school, fetishistic lingerie getting spanked by a stern older woman as well as Blake lying completely nude, her bare body pressed up against Alan Arkin.

But our skin scouts caught a screening of the film over the weekend, and Blake Lively nudity was unfortunately nowhere to be found. The film's not a total loss though. Get the full run-down on The Private Lives of Pippa Lee after the cut.


Mena Suvari: No More Nudes

Thu, Oct 1, 2009 @ 11:15am by Count Rackula (14 Comments)

Mena Suvari“I Will Strip No More Forever”

Ever since she bared her boobs as a sexy cheerleader in the Oscar-winning drama American Beauty, Mena Suvari has been a major blip on Mr Skin’s radar. And now she’s saying that she may soon drop off the skin-screen for good.

Mena’s new fiancée has ordered his bride to be to stop appearing nude on film and to get a body double for her role in the ironically titled You May Not Kiss The Bride.

Now, after baring her body in Stuck, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, and most recently, The Garden of Eden, Mena’s giving it a rest for good.

And that’s bad.

Read more after the jump.


No Megan Fox Nudity in Jennifer's Body, but Maybe in Jonah Hex

Fri, Aug 14, 2009 @ 3:15pm by Orlando Lockridge (25 Comments)

Megan Fox sexy black bikini

Is Megan Fox Nudity Really on Its Way? No and Maybe.

We've been waiting to see Megan Fox nude almost as long as the Cubs have been waiting to win the World Series, and this week our hopes were dashed when a reviewer revealed that Megan's upcoming teen flesh-eater flick Jennifer's Body contains no nudity whatsoever. The promise of those sexy near-nude pics that hit the Internet over a year ago will not be fulfilled.

But that doesn't mean that we'll never see Megan Fox naked. In fact, a tipster of reportedly reliable pedigree swears we'll get what we want in 2010 with the release of Jonah Hex.

Get details (and get your hopes up) after the cut.


Kirsten Dunst to Show Her Good Things In All Good Things

Fri, Aug 7, 2009 @ 11:15am by Count Rackula (37 Comments)

Kirsten Dunst NudeAnd That’s a Good Thing

All the skin fans who have been waiting to sling their webs to the sight of Spider-Man babe Kirsten Dunst nude have just been given a ray of hope.

According to one of the readers of the Upcoming Nude Scenes blog, who reports having gone to a screener last night, Kirsten’s upcoming film All Good Things contains a good ten-second shot of her bare breasts in the shower.

So far, the only thing Kirsten has given us is a couple of very brief accidental skin flashes in Crazy/Beautiful and Marie Antoinette, so this would be a real coup.

The film isn’t due out until December, but read what the report says in detail after the jump.


Moon Bloodgood Confirms She Did Not Use Body Double

Fri, May 22, 2009 @ 12:15pm by Skin Central (4 Comments)

Terminator Salvation Star Moon Bloodgood Admits Those Were Indeed Her Planets in What Just Happened?

Terminator Salvation opened yesterday, and we've already talked a lot about the scene featuring Moon Bloodgood nude that was cut for the movie's theatrical run. Anyone who rushed to the theater last night to see the latest incarnation of John Connor was greeted with nary a sliver of skin from Moon, but today we've learned that we don't need to wait for the movie's DVD release to see Moon Bloodgood topless.

It had been suspected that Moon employed a body double to show off her doubles in the 2008 Robert De Niro comedic drama What Just Happened? But in an interview with (via Nudography), amidst talk of that deleted Terminator scene, Moon let the truth be known:

I mean I've shown my boobs to Robert De Niro, you now what I mean, it's a boob. Why are we making such a big deal?

What's the big deal? The big deal is that it's you we're seeing peel, Moon. Though next time, make sure your face gets into the same shot as your orbs. It will save us a lot of confusion.

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Mr. Skin's Skintastic Summer Movie Guide 2009

Thu, May 21, 2009 @ 9:00am by Skin Central (12 Comments)

summer movie preview

Mr Skin’s Skintastic Summer Movie Guide 2009

Where to see Hollywood’s blockbuster girls of summer without their swimsuits on.

As Memorial Day looms with beach openings, first-of-the-season barbecues, and long-awaited hot weather, so too do Hollywood’s biggest, loudest, most slam-bangingly awesome summer movie blockbusters.

And, just like everyone else, Mr Skin can hardly wait.

Each year, it seems as though the studios unleash their top-ticket titles earlier than ever. So far in 2009 we’ve already seen Star Trek, Angels & Demons, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But the best and the barest still lie ahead.

Join Mr Skin now for a unique spin on a typical summer movie guide.

Most media outlets will tell you what films are coming out, who spent how much on what, and how much stuff gets blown up in spectacular fashion.

But Mr Skin casts his expert eye on the stunning starlets of 2009’s summer movies, pointing out who gets nude in which titles and, in case they’re keeping covered or more skinvestigation is necessary, where to find each sexy celebrity nude in previous releases.

Mr Skin’s Skintastic Summer Movie Guide 2009 is your go-to resource not only to see what’s playing over the course of the swelter months, but where to find the really hot stuff—namely, Jessica Biel nude, Amy Adams nude, Katherine Heigl nude, Maggie Gyllenhaal nude, Evan Rachel Wood nude, Rachel McAdams nude, Milla Jovovich nude, Alison Lohman nude, Penélope Cruz nude, and all other 2009 summer movie celebs nude.

Surf’s up and bikinis are off! Now let Mr Skin be your guide!


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