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Brief Nudity

Top Scene


A 27 year old woman named Esther is invited by her rich banker of a father to the French Riviera for his birthday. However, when the entire family gathers, they discover they’re all the targets of a mysterious serial killer. The murderer’s previous killings all looked random, but with the help of an FBI agent, Esther discovers the astrological patterns involved in the killings. Anyone in the sordid cast of characters, including Esther’s own family, or even the commissioner who revealed to the Saint-Andre family that they were targets, could be the perpetrator.

Esther, played by French hottie Claire Keim, has a scene where she’s riding a guy in bed. And although the scene is a little dark, we still get ample time and lighting to see her ginormous knockers bobbing around. At one point she even spills a little bit of a glass of water all over herself because the guy can’t resist the impulse to get up in her chest. Is an association with her worth risking your life? Definitely.