2023 was a great year for movie nudity, but I have a feeling that this trend will continue in 2024. The following films have my interest because they star sexy babes who have either already gone nude or see on the verge of going nude. Plus these movies sound good! Let's check out the anticipated films of 2024. Let's ask the question: will these movies have nudity?

Drive Away Dolls

We love Margaret Qualley in this house. When she teams up with hot up-and-coming actress Geraldine Viswanathan, you know that it is going to be great. The pair are best friends who get thrown into the underworld of Tallahassee, Florida. To be directed by Ethan Coen alone, I don't doubt that things will get a bit sexy. With these two hot babes leading the way, it would be a big miss on Coen's part not to feature some of Margaret's famous T&A.

Will The Most Anticipated Films of 2024 Have Nudity?Will The Most Anticipated Films of 2024 Have Nudity?

I Saw the Glow of the TV

This promises to be a weird one and that's not a surprise considering the writer-director behind the movie is the visionary rising star Jane Shoenbrun who directed We're All Going to the World's Fair. The cast is a real 'huh' as it included everyone from Fred Durst to Phoebe Bridgers. I frankly don't know what to expect from this A24 film produced by Emma Stone (!), but I'm hoping for some skinteresting things in this TV-inspired horror film.

Will The Most Anticipated Films of 2024 Have Nudity?

Lisa Frankenstein

I am personally excited about this film because of the team behind it. Academy Award-winning writer (and former stripper) Diablo Cody puts her wit to celluloid once again with her teen horror-comedy Lisa Frankenstein. While Cody's films do not tend to have nudity (and I doubt this one will), it is possible leading lady Kathryn Newton shows cleavage in her 80s-inspired Madonna outfits. Plus this film is directed Zelda Williams, the daughter of the late great Robin Williams! Let's hope that the Jennifer's Body creator gets creative with her female stars.

Will The Most Anticipated Films of 2024 Have Nudity?

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

Anya Taylor-Joy is a wildly talented actress, so when she appears in something we all get excited. Plus she's gorgeous. She is entering the Mad Max universe which promises to show her being a total badass. But will she show her ass? Previous Mad Max movies have only had slight nudity, but the babes have basically been in bras and sometimes that's good enough for me.

Okay, these next two films are big because both of them will star Zendaya and both of them might finally give us Zendaya nudity. Let's get into it:

Will The Most Anticipated Films of 2024 Have Nudity?


How can a steamy love triangle with Zendaya at the center NOT include nudity? Plus it's directed by Luca Guadagnino who loves sex and nudity. Two tennis stars fight over Zendaya which means everyone is fit. Let's hope they get Physical with the A-lister! That's the real challenge!

Will The Most Anticipated Films of 2024 Have Nudity?

Dune: Part Two

YOU KNOW I LOVE DUNE. Sorry to scream, but I love Dune. I am thrilled about part two. Not only does Zendaya star, but the second part will also feature Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan and Lea Seydoux as Lady Margot. Those are two heavy-hitting hotters! I think someone will go nude in this Dune - it's just a matter of seeing who!

Will The Most Anticipated Films of 2024 Have Nudity?