Padma Lakshmi Has Great Boobs

One thing none of us have to ponder is the hotness of Padma Lakshmi. She is hot, there is no doubt about that. And when she’s wearing a see-through shirt Padma Lakshmi is even hotter. But one question that keeps running through my head is if you can see through the shirt, why wear anything at all?

Plus, Padma Lakshmi has some awesome breasts. Her boobs are pretty darn fantastic and seeing them is always a treat for the senses. So, why not show them off? Sure, Padma Lakshmi is kind of showing them off, we can clearly make out her boobs (the pokies help), but still there is something between us and her breasts. The only thing I can think of she wanted to post this incredibly sexy pic on one of the social media sites and we know they all have stupid rules about boobs. Padma Lakshmi’s breasts are beautiful and if you are offended by them, that’s your business and you shouldn’t be social media with Padma Lakshmi.

Maybe it’s the tease, the hint, the desire to drive us wild. If Padma Lakshmi is teasing us with her boobs visible through a see-through shirt, then mission accomplished Padma Lakshmi.

via drunken stepfather