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Special Features | Thursday, September 11 2008

Who's the Sexiest Canadian Babe -- Pamela Anderson, Neve Campbell, or Rachel McAdams?

Today's Query: Who’s the sexiest Canadian babe – Pamela Anderson, Neve Campbell, or Rachel McAdams?

Hollywood’s famously frigid Neighbor to the North has long exported many of its hottest female properties down into the good old U.S. of T&A.

From magnificent Mam-itobas to awesome Ass-skatchawans to body parts that rhyme with Regina, there’s never been a shortage of Canuck honeys that any man anywhere in the world would be thrilled to take off with to Que-bed.

But for this round of Skin on the Street, we picked three of Canada’s most nakedly appealing daughters and asked which one was your favorite. Press play and see the results, eh?