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Whistle While You Twerk

Twerking is the twenty-first century version of dirty dancing, and there’s nothing like getting down and dirty with ourselves why watching these celebrity stunners shake their rumps. Be it completely nude or thong-clad, we more than happy when a woman backs her thang up and shimmy and shakes her seat meat. Get ready to jerk while watching these gals twerk! It’s two for the price of one when Sharon Hinnendael and Ali Cobrin put on an ass-shaking cam show in Look. Amazing! Stephanie Restivo shakes her ass and shows her boobs while Shavon Ryan does one of the two in Dirty Movie. The MTV Video Music Awards provides the platform for Miley Cyrus to shake her cute cheeks. Ignore the horrible music and enjoy Kelsey Barney as she flaunts her thong-clad ass and boobies in Consignment. Twerking seems to be contagious, because both Shakira and Rihanna can’t seem to hold still in the Can’t Remember to Forget You video. Okay, she’s not nude, but Nicki Minaj shows a lot of amazing skin in her video for her hit song Anaconda. Get a look in the dressing room as Spencer Redford and Heather Hogan shuck their tops and show off the boobs and jiggly butts in Look. Get a sweaty yet satisfying look at Jennifer Beals getting her dance on in Flashdance. Leave it to Lova Moor to make with her mams during a dance routine in Sabato, domenica e venerdì. Angela Carnon bares her butt and uses her vag to play the harmonica in Alice Goodbody. The stripper stage heats up when Julie K. Smith unleashes her rack in Midnight Tease II. What a way to start a film! It’s not a party until Melissa Molinaro shakes her stuff in Jersey Shore Shark Attack. An old dude gets an ass-tastic thrill from Theresa Russell in Whore. Antonella Ríos removes the cream to show all three B’s in Los debutantes. Tyra Banks makes her cleavage pop in Coyote Ugly. Good morning to Cameron Diaz and her cute, underwear-clad dance in Charlie’s Angels. These twerking tarts are sure to make you tingle!


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