Sure, Jennifer Lopez Has A Great Ass, But Have You Seen Her Underboob?

When I say Jennifer Lopez, what is the first thing that pops into your head? Maybe it’s awesome ass or righteous rear end or perhaps the thought that came to mind is bodacious butt. Up until now all those answers would have been perfectly acceptable, but thanks to this Instagram post from now on your first thought when you hear someone utter "Jennifer Lopez" is ultimate underboob.

While J-Lo has been known for using Instagram like a master, most of her pics have been rather tame compared to this one. Keep in mind I’m using the word “tame” in the biblical sense—mirror selfie, bikini cleavage shots, things of that nature. I don’t know if there was a time that Jennifer Lopez displayed as much as she does in this pic. I believe we can go ahead and say she’s set a new standard for herself. Not to say that all those cleavage and bikini pics won’t be sexy anymore, just that we’ll most likely be comparing all of those Instagram pics to this one right here. Though, I guess I should consider that we truly can’t compare anything to the hotness that is Jennifer Lopez’s underboob.

Say what you want, but other than complete and total naked boobs, underboob is probably the best of all boobs. Cleavage is dandy and sideboob is fun, but they don’t have anything on underboob, especially the underboob of Jennifer Lopez.