If you're fully stuffed from the holiday and need a full release, we've got just the cure for what ails you!

During a coke-fueled pool party on this week's The Affair, both Jessica Markowski and Mireille Charlotte Crocco went full frontal while swimming nude!Markowski


On Cinemax's The Knick, Bono's daughter Eve Hewson nearly made her nude debut, showing off some sideboob while banging a guy, but it was Christina Clare who went the extra mile, baring her right breast while getting banged by a dude in a brothel!Hewson


Finally, the third and fourth episodes of the new French series Versailles continued doling out the nudity with Noemie Schmidt going topless once again and Valerie Thoumire and Maddison Jaizani making their nude debuts!NSchmidt