As of last week we can officially say "goodbye" to Julianna Margulies strutting around in tight dresses on The Good Wife. I will mist you, I mean, miss you. The CBS series about a disgraced politician's wife turned badass lawyer has found its place in the hards of many with itssuperbly sexy cast.

In my mind star Julianna has and will forever be one of the sexiest women to walk this great Earth, and she was always in peak form on theGolden Globe nominated series.Julianna'scharacter, Alicia, has been delivering with the sex appeal week after week for the past seven years, and while thinking over the series I realized that the brilliant Good Wife producers managed tosurround her with some equally gorgeous babes!

Since we're STILL holding out for some Margulies teats, let's celebrate the end of an era with the sexiest The Good Wife actresses who have dared to bare in their other projects. Just imagine if this show was on Skinemax or HBGrow!