The 2021 Golden Globe Awards are set to air on February 28th, and we're gearing up for the big night with a look at the year's hottest nominudes! Despite the pandemic, Hollywood still turned it out this year, giving us some of the hottest movie and television nudity ever. Oh, you don't believe me? Then how do you explain Daisy Edgar-Jones' full-frontal tight spinner bod on the breakout Hulu series Normal People? And please don't tell me that you've already forgotten about Matilda De Angelis' Skincredible full-frontal scene opposite Nicole Kidman in The Undoing. Just... please don't. In addition to stars who went nude for their nominated roles, we're including those that are nominated for Golden Globes in 2021 and previously went nude in epic ways. Check out the top ten gallery below for all of the naked celebrity hotness. Your globes will thank you.