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What is it about a dark parking lot with a giant movie screen that gets us all hot and bothered? Maybe it’s because the drive-in mixes the seclusion of a car with an otherwise public space, but whatever it is, once the movie comes on, the clothes tend to come off. In honor of National Drive-In Movie Day, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite nudity that takes place at this All-American summer staple. But be warned - watch these and the real coming attraction will be in your pants!

Linda Shayne Topless in Screwballs

During a busy night at of outdoor skin-ema, Linda loses her top while making out in the back of a van and then gets her beautiful boobs smooshed against a window when her skirt’s caught in the door.


Teri Copley’s Nip Slips in New Year’s Evil

Teri’s tits slip out of her top while doing some series necking in this 1981 horror film.


Valerie Perrine Nude in Slaughterhouse-Five

The nudity is on screen instead of in the car in this scene, where sexy Superman star Valerie Perrine walks her breasts and be-thonged butt cheeks into a bath while a family watches from behind the wheel.


Rhonda Selesnow’s Wild Ride inAmerican Drive-In

Rhonda’s headlights are all the help you’ll need to get turned on, as she has sex with her man in the back of his van not knowing the whole drive-in can hear them getting freaky.


Toni Lynn Topless in Bikini Drive-In

What better way to get customers than by flashing your funbags? Toni Lynn’s got the right idea as she opens up her bikini top and uses her tanned tatas to take tickets.


Natalie McCurry Nude in Dead-End Drive In

Awesome Australian Natalie McCurry bares her rack and rump while bumping uglies in the backseat. Now that’s one titillating trunk!

The Breast Drive-In Movie Nude Scenes