I'm happy to say that yet another lost classic is soon to be available on DVD- the unrated version of Alfonso Brescia's X-rated space opera The Beast in Space (1980). Billed as the "unofficial sequel" to Walerian Borowczyk masterpiece of bizarre erotica The Beast (1975) and starring the same gorgeous Italian starlet (Sirpa Lane, who died of AIDS in 1999, sadly), The Beast in Space sets the action in outer space, where Sirpa plays Lt. Sondra Richardson, who is plagued by a recurring dream of being chased around a forest by a hairy and sexually ravenous man-beast. Later she accompanies a mission to a distant planet to recover a valuable space mineral and discovers it is the same world from her nightmare and the man-beast is waiting for her there. There's tons of sex and nudity here from babes like Maria D'Allessandro, Marina Hedman and Sirpa Lane as well as some footage of what are presumably space-horses screwing each other. So when it comes out on April 29th, go get that DVD and then get that rocket out of your pocket and start to knock it!