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Top Ten Labia Scenes for Labia Day Weekend Screen shot 2017 08 30 at 7 39 39 am b679fb91 featured

We've all got a well-deserved, hard-earned three day weekend coming up, and Mr. Skin wants to help you celebrate with the Top Ten Labia Scenes in honor of Labia Day Weekend! ... read more

Is The Mistress of the Dark Showing Off Her Labia? Spl1365368 002 1a60d801 featured

Whenever October rolls around, everyone starts thinking about pumpkin spiced everything, coming up with a great Halloween costume for whatever party they are going to, and most importantly, Elvira! I tell you, it’s not October until the latest and greatest pictures of Elvira start making the rounds and these pictures are pretty great, and not just because AnnaLynne McCord is with her, but because we might have ourselves a labia slip. ... read more

Happy Labia Day! Maxresdefault 71b44f01 featured

It's the day we've all been waiting for!... read more

Top 10 Labia Scenes

Our crack team of Skin Detectives have uncovered something sensational hiding in the first season of HBO's True Detective! We already knew that Alexandra Daddario's nude scene was the front-runner for Nude Scene of the Year, but the blu-ray revealed something we couldn't see on the boob tube... Alexandra's lovely labia! As she climbs off of Woody's woody, we get a quick look at her lips, which look good enough to lick! Here are some of the best labia shots from days gone by! Just enough to whet your whistle!... read more

Happy Labia Day from Mr. Skin! [PICS] 13926 web

We couldn’t celebrate the long Labor Day-- or as we like to call it, LABIA day-- weekend, without a look at the finest beef curtains ever spread for cinema! SKINjoy the holiday with a sampling of celeb snatch-ion captured on camera. More pics after the jump!... read more

Happy Labia Day from Mr. Skin [PICS] 11961 web

Greetings, Skin fans! We're off celebrating the long Labor Day-- or as we like to call it, LABIA day-- weekend, so join us as we cap off the summer with the ultimate in celebrity voyeurism. These stars have exposed their most intimate parts, and lucky for us there were cameras nearby to record the snatch-ion.
See Skin Central's Top 5 celebrity labia shots after the jump!... read more

Top 10 Celebrity Lip Slips

Not to be confused with caged monkey--pubic hair sticking out of undies--the mythical lip slip is one of the most hallowed and rare flesh flashes in all of skinema. Full labia hanging out of panties is one way to give some lip, so let's hear it for Rose McGowan, Anna Nicole Smith, and the rest of our Top 10 Celebrity Lip Slips.... read more

Mr. Skin's Blu-Ray Discoveries: Patty Mullen in Frankenhooker [PICS] 9848 web

Sometimes the skinema stars align just right. After we reported yesterday on Elvira's redhead rug and the modern-day Frankenstein tale The Skin I Live In, imagine our delight in discovering that our Blu-ray ninja was simultaneously combing the Blu-ray of Frankenhooker(1990), nude from our friends at Synapse Films, for Frankenbush.

The unholy union of monster and minge comes 1 hour into the film, where our mad scientist spotted some protruding lower lip from star Patty Mullen. That'll send 1,000 volts through the bolt in your boxers!

For more hi-def discoveries and Blu-ray finds from our Blu-ray Ninja, check out Mr. Skin's Blu-Ray Discoveries playlist and Mr. Skin's Blu-Ray Discoveries, Part 2!... read more

Mr Skin's 31 Sexiest Naked Scream Queens: Lina Romay 2771 featured

Throughout the Month of October, Count Down the Sexiest Nude Horror Movie Hotties of All Time!

Number 18: Lina Romay

Spanish seductress Lina Romay beguiled fright-fans immediately by parting her thighs and supplying a howling hot split-beaver shot in the 1973 bloodsucker favorite, Female Vampire.

From that moment on, a Scream Queen for the Ages was born and, breast of all, she has never stopped getting naked on-screen. Her most recent in-the-raw efforts include Vampire Junction (2001), and Angel of Death 2 (2007).

Off-camera, Lina is the long-time love of terror maestro Jess Franco.

Together, this diabolical duo has shocked the world with numerous hair-raisers, including Exorcism, Jack the Ripper, Night of the Skull, Die Marquise von Sade, Cannibals, Macumba Sexual, Mansion of the Living Dead, Night of 1,000 Sexes, and Lust for Frankenstein, where her explicit lesbian scene is lusty indeed.

Click the pics to see the naked, wide-open revelations that made Lina Romay a star.
... read more

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