Thank you Neptune, God of the Sea

2008 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover model Marisa Miller’s offer to appear nude may not have appealed to the people atPlayboymagazine, but thankfully every other human being on the planet earth (including her salaciously Sapphic supermodel sisters) feels differently.

Still, that initial rejection must have stung the Victoria’s Secret babe because, after her 1997 topless photo shoot for Perfect 10 magazine, Marisa’s mams have remained unseen.

Sure, there have been mesh tops, body paint, and even the occasional crack of dawn, but nothing to compare to complete and unobstructed toplessness.

But now Neptune (or Poseidon if you’re Greek), the temperamental god of the sea who so plagued Ulysses, has done what Hugh Hefner wouldn’t do and given us a good look at Marisa’s milk-squirter.

At a recent bikini photoshoot, Marisa’s blue and green top must have attracted the attention of the trident-bearing deity, because he sent waves to pull it right down and show the world her luscious.

Thank you Neptune, what sacrifice do you require to pull down her top so we can see her shaven clam?