By Maximilian Mueller

Busty brunette Victoria Givens entered the adult entertainment industry at the age of 31 and did her first scene with fellow North Carolinian Julie Robbins in the lesbian sex feature Pandora’s Box.

Soon, Victoria expanded her repertoire to include squirting, anal, A2M, and DP and lent her talents to titles like Titty Fuckers 7 (2003), Sweet Obscenities (2004), and Stripper Academy (2004). In addition, Victoria directed ATM Babes 1 (2003), ATM Babes 2 (2004) and Date My Slut Mom 3 (2005).

But Victoria is most well known for doing the World Record Anal Gangbang (2004) in which, using no lubricant, she had anal sex with 101 men in seven hours, more than doubling the previous record set by Brooke Ashley in 1998.

Recently, Victoria took the time out to answer some questions for our own Maximilian Mueller.

You entered the adult industry later than most women do. What made you decide to become a porn actress?

It was something I always wanted to do. But coming from a small town in the Bible belt, it’s not like the blue prints are just lying around everywhere. It took me a bit longer to figure out how to become a porn actress.

Had you watched a lot of porn before you got into the business? If so, who were your favorite actresses? If not, what did you expect porn moves to be like, never having seen one?

I watched some porn before getting into the business. I don’t know what you consider a lot but obviously enough. My favorite actresses were Jewel De’Nyle for her strength and dominance during a scene and Gina Lynn for her ass.

Describe your first day on the set of your first porn set.

I must have had 20 orgasms that day. Your first time on a porn set is probably something one never forgets. It was a long day for one scene. It was my first time on film and the guy’s first time also. So the director had to walk us through every step.

Today, that 7-hour day would be 1 or 2 hours. It didn’t matter that day. We both had multiple orgasms. I miss those days now because most of today’s talent or more concerned with the mechanics of the set instead of just having great sex.

It’s almost clinical these days. The goal for girls today is to churn out 3 scenes a day for the money. I’d rather do a couple scenes a week and be horny as hell when I walk through the door.

My favorite scene of yours is the one with Lauren Phoenix in the Vivid movie Wedding (2003). Which is your favorite?

That is so weird. You may not believe it but that has always been my favorite scene. One of those days when Lauren and I must have both walked through the door horny as hell.

Aria in Black Tie NightsAnother one was with Aria and Reno in ATM Babes 2, I think. It was one of the ATM Babes series. That scene is on my site, too. Aria likes getting nasty as much as me. That scene was very hot as well.

What was your sex life like before you started doing porn? Are there any sex acts, like lesbianism or ATM, that you never tried until you were doing movies? If so, what are they?

Since the first time I had sex, my sex life has been one wild ride. I’ve always loved it and most times would rather be doing nothing else.

But there are a lot of things I never did before trying them first on a porn set. Like ATM or Lesbianism. I kissed a girl a couple times before porn but now I enjoy sex with girls as much as with guys.

You’ve been on Howard Stern four times. Describe that experience for us. Were you a Stern fan before? Are you a fan now?

I knew who Howard was before being on the show but I don’t think I had ever listened to one of his shows. I did watch one of his shows prior to going on so I would know a little about it before going on. Howard is a great guy, and very sweet.

What made you decide to do the World Record Anal Gangbang? And why was it important not to use lubricant?

My staff and I were doing research on sexual world records one day, for lack of anything else to do that day, when I came across the anal sex category. It was 50 guys in 14 hours. Each guy got 30 seconds, the standard time limit for all world records.

I remember saying something about that record not even deserving to be a record. I decided to double it, in half the time, and double the time limit to 1 minute.

The no lube thing is because lube actually irritates me. I prefer not to use artificial lubricants for anything.

Describe the experience of the Anal Gang Bang. Was it exhausting, exciting, both? Was there ever a moment when you weren’t sure you could pull it off?

It was awesome that day. I’ll never forget all the fans waiting for me outside that cold morning. The Anal Gang Bang is an experience I’ll never forget for many reasons, all of them good.

I really enjoyed the fact that my fans were fucking me. The end of course tired me, but it was exciting all the way to the finish.

I don’t think there was any time when I didn’t think I could do it. I was enjoying it too much!

What did you to do prepare for taking all those men anally?

For some reason I have adapted well to anal sex. I just love it, so I really didn’t have to prepare myself much for this event. I just made sure I had extra long anal sex each day, which I loved! I of course mentally prepared myself, too. That helped a lot.

What did you do the next day?

I think many people thought that I would be confined to the bed for a few days after the Anal Gang Bang, but I was actually cleaning out my garage the next day, bright and early.

How long after the Gang Bang was over did you wait to have anal sex again?

Actually, believe it or not I had anal sex with my husband that night when we got home. He was number 102 that day.

If someone had anal sex with 102 men tomorrow, would you try to take back the record?

I’ve thought of that before, and as much as I love anal sex, I would probably try to take the record again. Although I highly doubt I have to worry about that.

Not only would they have to do 102 to take the record, they would have to do 102 with no lube and give each guy 60 seconds. They would also have to have 110 fans show up, not rotate the same 20 guys. Good luck with all of that.

Michelle Lay in Sex Spa 2Who was your fluffer? Did you pick her? If so, why?

Julie Robbins and
Lisa Sparxxx were the fluffers for the guys and both did a great job. I knew both of these girls very well and knew that they were always horny. I knew would do an excellent job of getting the guys excited and over their nervousness.

My personal fluffer was Michelle Lay. I picked her for two reasons. She’s hot and I really liked her attitude towards the whole thing.

Who are your favorite porn actresses working today?

I still admire Jewel De’Nyle.Tera Patrick is a huge star but really down to earth when you get to know her. I love her for that.

Who are the three sexiest Hollywood actresses working today (excluding Angelina Jolie)?

Why would we want to exclude Angelina Jolie? Ok, Selma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, and Lucy Liu. Why? You’re kidding, right?

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in January ManWho are the three sexiest Hollywood actresses from previous eras (excluding Marilyn Monroe)?

Donna Douglas, Winona Ryder, and Mary Elisabeth Mastrantonio because they are classic sexy and good actresses.

What Hollywood actress would you like to see play you in your life story?

Mary Elisabeth Mastrantonio because she looks a little like me and she’s a good actress without being out there too much these days.

What Hollywood actress would YOU like to play in HER life story?

I would have to say Sandra Bullock. I’ve read seen some interviews she has done and it seems we have more in common in real life than any other, that I know of.

Sandra Bullock in Who Shot Patakango?Do you remember the first mainstream movie nudity you ever saw? Is there a funny story attached to that?

I really don’t remember the first mainstream movie I saw that included nudity., That is a good question.

What’s next for Victoria Givens?

Right now I’m working more with the fan-based contest on my site, Sex and A Movie, as well as gearing up for some more films and appearances. I took a couple years off to spend some time with family and my animals but I’m looking forward to getting back to work for my fans.

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