Stoya Skinterview

Known as the “Goth Girl Next Door,” Stoya stands apart from the crowd with her pale skin, dark hair, and delicate features. Last year she signed an exclusive contract with Digital Playground and now joins leading porn starlets like Devon (Picture-), Jesse Jane (Picture-1), and Tera Patrick (Picture-1)in their stable. Recently Stoya took time out to chat with star reporter Maximilian Mueller.

What was the first non-adult movie nude scene you remember seeing? Is there a funny story attached to that?

Honestly, I grew up home-schooled without much exposure to television and have no recollection of what the first non-adult movie nude scene I saw was. I'm going to guess that it was within the past four years and that it didn't stick in my head because I think all beautiful women should be shown nude at some point. Something so gorgeous and fleeting as feminine beauty should be shared.

Besides Angelina Jolie (Picture-1), who do you think are the three sexiest women working in Hollywood today and why?
Christina Applegate and Carmen Electra (Picture-1), for their involvement in the Pussycat Dolls and of course general appearance. Mila Kunis (Picture-1) because she's just so goddamned ADORABLE.

Excluding Marilyn Monroe (Picture-1), who do you think are the three sexiest Hollywood actresses from previous eras? Why?

Mae West. She was so brazenly sexual, and from all of her quips floating around it seems like she had this phenomenal zest for life combined with a killer wit. Smart is so sexy. Joan Crawford, specifically for how she came across on screen in The Women. It's the only movie of hers that I've seen, but she was so fantastic in it. Madonna (Picture-1). I'm not sure if Madonna counts as an actress and I can't quite put my finger on why, but she's undeniably amazing.

If they were making a movie of your life so far, who would you like to play you?

I wouldn't want anyone to make a movie of my life yet. It would be like casting a lead actress off of the first thirty pages of a script. How do you know who can best portray a story if the story isn't finished?

If you were going to portray a famous actress in her life story, who would you like to portray?

Edie Sedgwick (Picture-1).

Unlike a lot of your contemporaries, you don't have tattoos. Is this a conscious choice on your part?

I do have one tattoo; it's hidden in my hairline. I wanted to see what it felt like, but I never found anything that I had a strong desire to get permanently put on my body. It's just not worth it to me to take the risk that I might regret having to look at something for the rest of my life that I no longer want on my skin.

What's next for Stoya?

Next for Stoya is the FAME awards, getting used to talking about herself in the third person, and eating breakfast.