It is no secret that stars use body doubles, but thanks to the podcast You Must Remember This, I have recently learned that some sexy young stars actually objected to the use of body doubles. Here I thought that the stars were feelings modest and wanted to use body doubles. These stars listed here had feelings about the use of their body doubles and, to my surprise, some of these stars would have preferred to do the nude scenes themselves.

Let's talk about it:

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore's younger years were riddled with drama and controversy. The party animal teen (with a party animal mother who was taking advantage of her daughter's success) became emancipated from her mother at age 15. She immediately wanted to prove that she was a legal adult by doing adult-themed material.

Stars Who Objected to Their Body Doubles

She did this by starring in the 1992 film Poison Ivy. The underaged Drew wanted to film sexy scenes for the movie - and she spoke to the press about it - but there was no way directors were going to have the teen Drew do that. Drew's butt was also not her own in the ABC 1993 made-for-TV movie The Amy Fisher Story. We got closeups of a breast and buns, but those were certainly a body double!

Stars Who Objected to Their Body Doubles

Phoebe Cates

We have previously discussed Phoebe Cates' early 1980s nudity. She wanted to go nude - she actually enjoyed it. That is why she was disappointed when a body double was used to shoot additional sexy scenes in the 1982 film Paradise. This sex scene used a body double and Cates vocally objected to it in the press. At least she went nude in other famous films!

Alicia Silverstone

Like Barrymore before her, Alicia Silverstone became emancipated from her parents as a teenager. Her reason was so that she could work as an adult on film sets, working longer hours and doing salacious material. She worked on the film The Crush, but Alicia was still technically underage despite being treated legally as an adult. That is why she had a body double!

Stars Who Objected to Their Body Doubles

Again, like Barrymore, Alicia felt that she was an adult. She felt that she should film the nude scenes in The Crush, but they definitely used a body double. After her Clueless fame, Alicia spoke to the press about being more modest and claimed that she would never pose nude. She would later pose nude for PETA. Isn't it great that people can change?

Stars Who Objected to Their Body Doubles

Amy Adams

Amy's objection to her body double is different than the one above, but I wanted to share the story because I think it shows how much heart the actress has. She did not object to her Sharp Objects body double at all - she objected to the way that her double was treated. At one point, Amy got mistaken for her body double.

Stars Who Objected to Their Body Doubles

A producer yanked her on the arm very hard and tried pulling her away. Amy, stunned, asked her what was going on, and the producer was mortified to realize that it was not the double. Amy luckily talked to the producer about that, sticking up for her double Rebecca Bujko, and warned the producer never to treat the other actress like that again. See? Amy Adams is a standup actress with a hot body and a hot body double!