Sophie Turner's Ten Sexiest Scenes Ranked From Jon-yes To Jo-no

Game Of Thrones alum Sophie Turner's split from Joe Jonas is all anyone can talk about these days. She recently made headlines for going on a dinner date with another one of Jonas' exes, Taylor Swift. The two ladies linked arms to demonstrate their unified front against the boys.

Well we feel the same way. No boys allowed! Today is all about the gorgeous Sophie Turner's best on screen moments. We've seen Sophie Turner nude once, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Keep scrolling to see every single sexy Sophie Turner scene ranked from Jon-yes to Jo-no. She's always been a head Turner...

1) Sophie Turner Nude In Heavy

This nip slip during a sex scene is Sophie's only nude scene. So far! Time for some revenge nudity Soph.

2) Sophie Turner Shower Scene In Survive

She's strategically nude in a sad shower scene.

3) Sophie Turner Cleavage In Wellness With Sophie Turner

Her boobs are looking amazing in this yoga outfit!

4) Sophie Turner Panties In Heavy

She's alive here and doing drugs.

5) Sophie Turner Bra Flash In Josie

Her cleavage looks great in this leopard print bra.

6) Sophie Turner Braless On Conan

No bra, no probs!

7) Sophie Turner Bathing Suit In Josie

She takes a dip in the pool at the end.

8) Sophie Turner Bathing Suit In Josie

Some brief looks at Sophie lounging by the pool.

9) Sophie Turner Cleavage In Survive

Looking like a million bucks in a white dress.

10) Sophie Turner Panties In Heavy

Sophie Turner is found dead in bed.