Hooked up last night. @kateupton

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Look at this. Just look at it. It could be you, couldn't it? The person whose finger is prodding Kate Upton's boob and feeling how supple and smooth it is. Why has a video like this never come out before? And whose hand is that?

It's Erin Foster, daughter of music producer David Foster, and cocreator of Barely Famous, a scripted show poking fun at Hollywood and reality TV. (The other creator is her sister Sara.) She would know about it - her dad has been married to Caitlyn Jenner's ex-wife (and the mother of Brody and Brandon Jenner) AND Yolanda Hadid - Gigi and Bella's mom. That's a lot of famous relatives.

Anyways, she's poking Kate Upton's boob here and was kind enough to share it with us. For the record, Erin and Sara are pretty damn hot, too:

Had the best time chatting with people while they looked over my shoulder for someone famous to talk to

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