Each Tuesday, be sure to check in with Mr. Skin to get the complete skinny right here on the hottest DVD releases. Here is the randy round-up for the week of December 9, 2008.

NUDES: Maria Tornberg (breasts) (Picture-1)
THE SKINNY: It’s another batch of crazy, vulgar, sex-lovin’ good guys up against the oppressive authority figuresexcept, in this case, the heroic rebels are cops. Super Troopers is the first film from the Broken Lizard comedy troupe, and they’re pretty dedicated to the Animal House (1978) template of lovable wisenheimers enjoying harmless hijinks. (In fact, the script comes out and says so.) But they’re up against corrupt local cops, drug dealers, and Lynda Carter as the state governor. Unlike Animal House, though, you have to get the DVD with deleted scenes to appreciate the titties of Amy de Lucia and Maria Tornberg. (Cinema audiences, however, got to see the penis of fat Kevin Heffernan.)

STUDIO: Lions Gate
NUDES: Emily Clarke (breasts) (Picture-1), Nicola Paige (breasts) (Picture-1), Coralie Rose (breasts) (Picture-1)
THE SKINNY: Ricci Hartnett plays hard-ass soccer hooligan Carlton Leach in the brutally violent, fact-based saga Rise of the Footsoldier. The movie traces Leach’s diabolical ascent from the leader of a gang of skull-cracking sports fanatics to working as an influential bouncer in the early days of London’s rave scene to full-blown criminal kingpin. Along the way, our anti-hero talks a succession of lovelies out of their clothes, including Emily Clarke, Coralie Rose, and Nicola Paige. This Rise will give you a foot of wood, Soldier.

STUDIO: Shock-O-Rama
NUDES: Debbie Rochon (breasts) (Picture-1), uncredtied actresses
THE SKINNY: The musical horror comedy Splatter Disco features scream queen Debbie Rochon in the story of a Massachusetts fetish club called the Den O’ Iniquity that caters to furries and masochists. When the Moral Majority comes to shut down the club, a mysterious killer starts picking people off in a series of gruesome murders. Amidst all the animal costumes, killings, and musical numbers, Debbie doffs her top to show off her magnificent mammaries. Splatter Disco will have you splattering the ceiling.

WANTED (2008)
STUDIO: Universal
NUDE: Angelina Jolie (butt) (Picture-)
THE SKINNY: In the action flick Wanted, self-pitying and neurotic office drone Wesley Allan Gibson’s (James McAvoy) life changes dramatically when he learns that his estranged father was a superhuman assassin connected to a secret society called The Fraternity. Recruited by the incredibly hot Fox (Angelina Jolie) and the enigmatic Sloan (Morgan Freeman), Wesley soon learns to unlock his inherited superhuman abilities to avenge his father’s death. We get to see Kristen Hager in her underwear as some guy bangs her and a hint of Angelina’s butt crack. More is wanted.