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Here's the randy round-up for May 27, 2008.

May 27, 2008

STUDIO: Strand Releasing
NUDE:Isild Le Besco (FFN, butt)
THE SKINNY: In French drama L' Intouchable, Isild Le Besco plays a young actres that her absenst father was a poor Indian man her mother met on the banks of the Ganges whiles who learns traveling in India. With this knowledge, she gives up a prestigious movie role, takes a different part for the money, and travels back to India to find her father, where she learns to look at the world in a new way. Along the way, Isild shows some skin that's so hot it's damn near untouchable!

STUDIO: Mondo Macabro
NUDE:Suzzanna (left breast, butt) (Picture:1)
THE SKINNY: The unofficial third film in a trilogy that includes Hong Kong horror flicks Black Magic (1975) and Black Magic II (1976), the Indonesian frightfest The Queen of Black Magic stars Suzzanna as a spurned witchy woman named Murni. After her boyfriend breaks her heart, Murni takes out her anger on the entire male population of her village, turning them all into her love slaves with her mastery of the black arts. You'll come under her spell too when Suzzanna bares boobs and butt.

THE TAKE (2007)
STUDIO: Sony Pictures
NUDE:Rosie Perez (breasts, butt)
THE SKINNY:John Leguizamo is Felix De La Pena, an armored-truck driver who becomes obsessed with tracking down the man who shot him in the head during a robbery (Tyrese Gibson) in the revenge drama The Take. But Felix's memory is severely damaged, and the police begin to suspect that he had some part in the robbery, a possibility even he can't rule out. As Felix's wife, Rosie Perez shows us some skin. We'll take it!

STUDIO: MTI Home Video
NUDES:Dianna Miranda (breasts, butt) (Picture: 1), Guillermina Quiroga (breasts) (Picture: 1)
THE SKINNY: The erotic thriller Valentina's Tango tells the story of titular heroine Valentina's (Yolanda Del Carmen/Guillermina Quiroga) long romance with her husband that begins with an orgasmic tango and ends with the two of them owning a nightclub. Along the way, Guillermina (who plays the older Valentina) and Dianna Miranda, the ex-girlfriend of Valentina's son, both show skin. And that will have you doing some solitary pogo dancing in your pants!

NUDES:Freddist (breasts) (Picture: 1), Maureen Allisse (breasts), Leslie Orr (FFN, butt) (Picture: 1), Sharise Parviz (butt)(Picture: 1), uncredited actresses
THE SKINNY:Visons of Hell: The Films of Jim Van Bebber compiles multiple titles from the brutal auteur's singularly sinister canon. Topping the bill is The Manson Family (2003), Van Bebber's visceral take on the '60s ultimate true-crime freak-out, which features first-rate female flesh in between-and sometimes during-bouts of unflinching, blood-spattered violence. Unnamed nudes crop up in Van Bebber's masterfully rendered revenge saga Deadbeat at Dawn (1988). Be on the lookout for mouth-watering Maureen Allisse, who shows off every bit of her bare body in Manson and also gets terrifically topless in the Van Bebber short film Roadkill: The Last Days of John Martin (1994).