Troubled singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse, best known for her 2006 hit "Rehab", became the newest musician to join rock's infamous "27 club" when her body was discovered at her London home Saturday.

A security guard came to check on Winehouse Saturday after she went to bed, claiming she was tired and wanted to sleep; when the guard discovered she wasn't breathing, he called emergency services. Authorities in London are classifying Winehouse's death as "unexplained" pending an autopsy, though the singer's long-standing battle with drug and alcohol addiction was well-known and a likely culprit in her death.

There has already been an outpouring of Internet tributes to Winehouse, like her producer and friend Mark Ronson, who said “she was my musical soulmate & like a sister to me. this is one of the saddest days of my life.” Another tribute came from comedian and recovering addict Russell Brand, who wrote “Not all of us know someone with the incredible talent that Amy had, but we all know drunks and junkies and they all need help and the help is out there.” Winehouse's family has asked for privacy during this difficult time, saying Amy's death "has left a gaping hole in our lives.”

Winehouse unfortunately only released two albums, 2003's Frank and 2006's Back to Black, in her musical career. She will be missed by her friends, family and millions of fans around the world.