Mr. Skin caught up with porn star Shy Love while she was stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire and a car load of hot girls. They were en route to Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show, but she had some time to talk while the tire was being changed.

Shy is not shy about her new business relationship with Forbidden Novelties, a family owned and operated producer of sex toys, which has just launched a line of glass sex toys that bear Shy's name and image and her skintillating seal of approval. She's also venturing out into the world of mainstream cinema in Spring Break '83, a new comedy from the director and writer of From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (Picture: ).

Read on to learn if playing with glass is bad luck, what to expect when Shy takes her toys on tour, and the details of her raunchy new reality series, coming to a boob tube near you. Then check out and

You've appeared in over 200 adult films-

You're talking about a lot more than that.

But you just finished a mainstream one called Spring Break '83.

There were a lot of mainstream actors in it. Writer Mars Callahan liked me so much I'm meeting with him to go over a couple of products.

Who do you play in the comedy?

I don't play any particular person. I was cast as an extra, next thing you know I'm the hot girl that everyone pays attention to. I was just goofing around and having fun, so they kept expanding my role. It started off with no dialog and then they wrote some for me.

I hope you get naked. Can you talk about your nude scene?

I do get naked once. There's a scene where all the girls are in a locker room taking showers, it's like cheerleaders getting ready, a whole lot of beautiful women. The nerds start streaking through the shower, and as they're doing this I'm completely naked freaking out. Then I pull a towel in front of myself to cover up immediately. So it's like a two-second glance of me naked.

The movie brings together '80s icons such as Morgan Fairchild (Picture: 1), Lee Majors, and Erik Estrada. Did you work with any of them?

Yeah, I did. They were all amazing, very funny people. The movie is a spoof, so it was nothing but games and fun all day long. I worked with a couple, but I can't even remember their names, honestly. I'm so not into the whole "Ooh, this is this person, this is that person" thing. You could put Bruce Willis in front of my face and I wouldn't know it was him because I'm so caught up in everything else that I'm doing I don't pay attention to anything else in the world.

You're too young to remember the '80s, but are there any stars from that era that you'd love to work with?

I'm just now getting into the mainstream world, and there are quite a few people that I do want to work with. One of my favorite people who just wrote a script for The Wrecking Crew, his name is Scott Kosar. He wrote The Machinist (Picture: 1), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Picture: 1), the newest one that just came out. In The Wrecking Crew he wrote a part for me where I play a character called Shy Love.

My part in that is that I'm an actress named Shy Love, I'm doing a photo shoot, and they want me to be a bit more risqu?But I'm like, "Who do you think I am, a porn star?" My whole part is me not wanting to get naked. I do not get naked in this movie at all.

That brings up your name, which is odd for a porn star. How did you get it?

It was an unusual name, which is very catchy now. I was supposed to come into the business with another name, but they thought it was too ethnic. They didn't want me to fall into the Latina market. I needed to be more of a white girl. My legal name is very similar to Shy. I was very submissive, conservative, and shy when I got into the business. I wouldn't say a word when I got on set. The only time I opened up was when the cameras started rolling. They said, "You're Shy."

But you're not shy anymore.

Honestly, I really am. I'm not shy on camera, when I'm Shy Love in front of people playing this character, but when I'm me and I go to normal events with normal people that are not in the business I'm still very conservative. I'm not as shy as I used to be though.

You signed a one-year toy contract with Forbidden Novelties, so what forbidden novelties are you producing?

It's an all-glass toy line and custom belly piercing. The toys are both vaginal and anal, and they're all stuff I've used and approved myself. I'm not putting my face on any product that I haven't used myself.

So what do you think?

I freaking love them! Every toy was made for an actual woman. Finally I find a toy that's made for a woman.

Is this your first venture into sex toys?

It is my first venture with toys. I've been offered toys in the past, but it wasn't what I was looking for. With Forbidden Novelties we made a deal where all packaging mentions my website. They're making them with quite a few girls on my roster, so it builds up their popularity.

You and Lisa Daniels (Picture: ) are promoting the toys with a cross-country tour, so what can we expect when the two of you go on the road?

Two Latinas going wild. It's amazing that I get to go on tour with not only one of the girls that I represent in business but is also one of my best friends. We're going to have fun. She's very much like me with the fans. We don't act stuck-up or act like we're better than them. She likes to have fun, to laugh. On my end, no one really knows that I'm a Latina, and Lisa allows that spiciness to come out.

What's next?

Right now I'm working on my reality show, which is supposed to be shot soon. Besides that, I have a brand new, huge website being built right now that's not based on me but an idea, which I can't specify at this time, but it's something no one's ever done in porn. You'll be able to find out about the launch through my site, but I'm not announcing it until the trademark goes through, so no one can steal the idea from me.

The reality show has three bids in from three major channels, and it's about me and my life and the agency. Basically a hundred-pound nothing girl in control, a power trip, all the things that I do in Hollywood in my life, which got started because I was doing a softcore movies for HBO and one of the producers wanted to work with me. We're thinking of calling it Shy Girl, but we don't have an official name for it yet.

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