amand righetti role modelsRole Models--one of the funniest AND most skin-filled blockbuster comedies of 2008--is available on Video on Demand starting today, April 23! Prepare to break the "pause" button off your remote control as you furiously freeze frame on the countless pairs of comely cans in this skinstant classic.

Mr Skin would like to celebrate by naming the cleavage sported by the delectable Amanda Righetti our official "Boobies of the Day".

In addition to the heartstoppingly hot Righetti, you can also see Tina Casciani, Carly Craig, and Jessica Morrisnude in Role Models.

Once you're through checking out those chesticles, you can dig into the Role Models Babewatcher game here.

With VOD, it's easy to be a Babewatcher. And a Boobwatcher!