This was an exciting Giftastic Bracket with so many hotties shakin' what their mama gave 'em! From full frontal nudity to full-on sex and seductive stripping, these gifs had it all. The people have spoken and there is one clear winner. Drumroll, please!

Alexandra Daddario nude won for the second year in a row, defeating Margot Robbie nude with 62% of the votes. She just can’t be defeated! With mams like that, who can possibly compete? Well, there were a lot of contenders. Let's look at the competition and the skintastic sexpots that were left behind.

The very first round certainly saw some surprising winners and losers. Sharon Stone's famous vag-shot was beaten by Rosario Dawson's fully naked frame while French fox Adele Exarchopoulos beaten out by Allison Williams getting her ass eaten out.

Betsy Russell absolutely crushed Virginia Petrucci with 91.4% of the votes. Who was Alexandra's competition in the first round? The fantastic Jamie Lee Curtis. It was really hard to say goodbye to Jamie'siconic melons.

The Second Round voting took place March 19-22 and saw a few upsets.Rosario Dawson narrowly lost to Margot Robbie, both showing fierce full frontal nudity.

Rihanna also lost to Riley Steele in a landslide defeat. Riley had 88.5% of the votes and Rihanna only got 11.5% for her gyrating ass.

The competition got even tighter in the Sexy 16 round except between Margot andMimi Rogers. Margot definitely took the lead on that one with 76.5% of the votes, making us say farewell to Mimi's enormous jugs.

It was the battle of the Hispanic hotties when Eva Amurri Martino and Penelope Cruz TIED and Eva got to go ahead to the next round.

Reese Witherspoon, who won byhuge percentages in earlier rounds, epically lost to Alexandra Daddario who had 84.4% of the votes.

When we got down to the Elite 8, the gif bracket was getting heated. Almost all of the results from this season were incredibly tight except forMargot Robbie dominating Betsy Russell and Alexandra Daddario defeating Phoebe Cates. Hmmm, we wonder who the final two will be? Another surprise in this round was Anne Hathaway losing to Emily Ratajkowski.

The Final 4 were narrowed down to Adele Exarchopoulos, Margot Robbie, Emily Ratajkowski, Alexandra Daddario. Margot won over Adele by earning 56.3% of the votes while Alexandra continued to dominate over her opponent.

Margot and Alexandra went head to head in the final round. Alexandra won by a big margin, making her the champion. Maybe you'll get 'em next year, Margot!

See the full results here!