Peter North: The Interview
For a professional performer with a flawlessly muscular physique, an ever-more-thriving career that has spanned three decades in a notoriously fly-by-night-field, and a sterling reputation as one of the true pleasures to work with in adult video, Peter North sure knows how to make a mess.

Fans of the massively outputting Mr. North-or even just casual observers of any one of his thousands upon thousands of climactic on-camera moments-will immediately recall the heaping eruptions to which that wisecrack refers.

Nobody "finishes" like Peter North. Not a cake baker who accidentally steps on an industrial-sized tube of white frosting, not a firefighter who somehow bypasses a hydrant and hooks his hose up to a vat of mayonnaise... nobody.

Alas, much has been written regarding Peter North's Krakatoa-like froth discharges, so chatted with the larger-than-life, gushier-than-a-geyser adult-film veteran about topics closer to our heart (and further away from any number of lucky porn starlets' kissers).

It was great talking to him. Check out his website at

Please give us some background on where you grew up and what that was like.

I was born on the east coast of Canada, in a middle-class area, very nice surroundings. Had a great childhood, lots of friends, loved practicing sports. I had a really laid-back and fun life.

Do you remember the first time you saw a nude scene in a movie? Is there a funny or interesting story attached to that?

I don't remember the title, but I know it was a scary horror movie: I had dreams about it afterwards... and not because it was scary! All I remember is that this girl had an amazing tanned body with big breasts.

Before that, the closest thing to seeing anything nude was the bra section in a Sears catalogue!

Who are your three all-time favorite sexy Hollywood (non-adult) actresses?

Jessica Alba, (Picture: 1) Raquel Welch, (Picture: 1) and Catherine Zeta-Jones. (Picture: 1)

What is your all-time favorite sexy Hollywood (non-adult) movie?

9 1/2 Weeks. (Picture: 1)

If you could cast any three contemporary Hollywood actresses in an adult film, who would they be?

Jessica Biel, (Picture: 1) Jessica Alba, (Picture: 1) and Ashley Judd. (Picture: 1) Why? Because they are very seductive women who would take control!

What was the first X-rated movie you ever saw? Is there a funny or interesting story attached to that?

First adult movie I saw was actually when I moved to California. I was at a studio, just starting to do some nude modeling for still pictures.

In Canada, at the time, you had to smuggle through black market to find an adult movie. You just couldn't find those movies in stores. It was very conservative. I remember not watching the whole thing; just saw a small part of it. I was very surprised at how long the guy could maintain control!

What are your three favorite X-rated movies from before you entered the business in 1984?

Since it was very conservative in Canada, Deep Throat (Picture: 1) was the only movie I had heard of. And not only had I only heard of about one movie, the only actors I had heard the names of or knew but never actually saw onscreen were Marilyn Chambers (Picture: 1) and John Holmes!

What are the three best X-rated movies that you ever appeared in?

This one is really a tough one. I'll say The Pillowman, Stiff Competition, and Ramb-ohh.

Who are the three sexiest adult-film actresses of all time?

Ginger Lynn, (Picture: 1) Christy Canyon, (Picture: 1) and Jenna Jameson. (Picture: 1)

Who are the three best adult-film directors of all time?

Alex DeRenzy, John Leslie, and Jim Holliday.

Do you ever wish that the adult-film industry functioned as it did back in the 1970s-with big budgets, plotlines, and movies that played in actual theaters? What do you think that would be like today?

I'd really love to see the patience and passion that the actors had, back in the day. Today everyone is on the clock and on tight budgets; everybody wants to wrap up a movie the soonest and jump to another project.

All the special effects and recent technologies that mainstream companies use being at the fingertip of the adult producing companies, it would be very interesting to see the movies on a theater screen.

But back in the day, the plotlines were more elaborate, it took more time before the actors got into sex scenes. You need good plotline to keep the viewer's interest at a high. Older movies' sex scenes were more intimate in my opinion. I tried to produce more passionate scenes where there really was a connection between the two actors.

Now we live at a quicker pace, everything's moving away from theaters. I really don't wish to go backwards though. New technologies give us new means of distribution and more exposure. It just seems like a lot of movies try to put on a show more than looking for real quality. Variety and creativity is good, but it has to be done with great taste and not try to make it fit where or when it doesn't belong just to put on a show.

Is there any way to order the book you wrote back in the 1990s?

I'm afraid not. The book had been retired and there's no availability anymore.

What projects are you working on now? What can we look forward to next from Peter North?

More for my official site, Trying to stay upbeat with the times and what's hot now. I always try to keep in mind what trends have worked well throughout the years, less hardcore trends, and play with them by adding new hot and original ideas.

When did you first realize you had a "special" gift?

I didn't realize it until I got in the biz and everybody started talking about it, because before, I had nothing to compare with.

Here's a funny story: I had a girlfriend when I was seventeen. She used to give me handjobs... we hadn't gotten any further than that at the time. I used to ejaculate fourteen to fifteen times and it all seemed pretty normal, I mean, she was a virgin, all I knew is that I had tremendous velocity. One night, I walked home from this girl's and I had a severe case of blue balls! I couldn't walk anymore... so I had to stop behind a donut shop, and, well, I glazed all the donuts for the next day! Just kidding... I relieved myself on the back wall so I could make it home!

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