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Padma Lakshmi: TOP CHEF Host Nude


While the culinary contestants on Top Chef are falling all over themselves to create their cuisines, the eyes of every red-blooded male are fixed firmly on Indian hottie Padma Lakshmi, hoping to get a glimpse of her curried delicacies. Thankfully the former Mrs. Salman Rushdie has shown off more than just her knowledge of great cooking, and Mr. Skin is here with three of Padma's hottest scenes. First off there's her fantastic topless scene in 1998's Pirates: Blood Brothers. Padma shows her magnificent mammaries as she climbs into a sitting position, and though her mangos end up covered by her super long hair, it's virtually impossible not to see a fantastic shot of her meat loaves. Padma's hush puppies are enough to make you want to start swabbing your deck. Then she shows some hot cleavage in a quick clip from 2001's Glitter. While her singing voice leaves something to be desired, you couldn't desire more than Padma's gorgeous mounds… and there's always a mute button. Finally we have a brief but super hot clip of Padma in 2006's Sharpe's Challenge, where Padma lounges in a super sheer sari. Eagle eyed viewers won't need a telescope and crow's nest to see Padma's right peeper make an appearance. That guy's been out to sea so long he can't stop blathering on while she looks more delectable than ever. There's simply no denying it, Padma Lakshmi is one dish you'll savor over and over again.


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