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Odette Miro, whose name is Tanzanian for “One Who Is Famous for Fifteen Minutes,” has only appeared in one feature film, 1996’s Justine: In the Heat of Passion. She plays “Selinda” to Daneen Boone’s 'Justine,' so she didn’t even get a starring role. It is a good sign that when you appear as a foil to Daneen Boone that you will never, ever get another role for as long as you shall live. At any rate, In The Heat of Passion, like all the other 'Justine' movies, is replete with gratuitous nudity, and is thus revered by the staff here at Skin Central. Odette appears completely naked in the movie in a few titillating sex scenes, although you can only make out her magnificent breasts under poor lighting and strange camera angles. One has to wonder what Ms. Miro is doing to pay the bills now.