Last year, social media apps Instagram and TikTok uncovered that a lot of men think about the Roman Empire on a regular basis. It seemed to stump people at first, but we at Skin Central totally understood the trend.

Was it a big part of history? Yes. Are gladiator fights and chariot races cool? Also yes. But we don’t think it’s a coincidence that every television show and film made about this era has one other thing in common - lots of hot nudity. Sexuality was a big part of Roman culture, high art often included nudity and eroticism, and sex work was a thriving, legal part of the economy. Let's face it, the Roman Empire had a lot going for it.

Nudes of the Roman Empire


So we’ve put together a list of our Roman Empire - ten of Mr. Skin’s favorite nude moments on screen from movies and series set in ancient Rome, featuring the likes of Rachel Weisz nude, Jessica Lange nude, and LOTS more. We dare you to think about anything else!