They’re Making a Ca-rear of Evil

Amtrak passengers riding the rails in California on July 14 can count on seeing more than one kind of tunnel. In a tradition dating back to a 1979 bar bet, residents of Laguna were considerate enough to reveal their rumps to the trains as they went by throughout the day.

But according to the Telegraph, police had to shut down the town’s annual “Mooning Amtrak” event yesterday after it got out of control and the rowdy drunken crowd started to bare more than their backsides, which they apparently thought was some kind of problem.

While Mr. Skin and any other sane man would have appreciated the addition of rack-of-mam and furburger (but no sausages, please) to the butt steak and rump roast already on display in the trackside skin smorgasbord, it seems some people wouldn’t know a good thing if it bit them on the ass.

In honor of this rear-admirable tradition, check out these classic mooning scenes of Phoebe Cates and friends from Private School and Idina Menzel from Rent.