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Nele Kiper

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Brief Nudity

Keywords: Brief Nudity, White, Blonde Hair, Small Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body

Nude Roles: 2

Birthplace: Hannover, DE

Date of Birth: 05/29/83


Fair-haired funny fräulein Nele Kiper has spent over a decade making her mark on the big and little screens of German television and cinema. The blonde-haired, big-eyed beauty got her start as a waitress in Goldene Zeiten (2006), or Golden Times, then hit it big with a recurring role in the hit series Geile Zeit, or Great Time, in 2007-2008. (She does enjoy her times!) Nele is also known by German television audiences for her various starring roles in Granaten wie wir, or Grenades Like Us, in 2009-2010; Jannika Montag in Heldt in 2017; Floriane Kramer in Hotel Heidelberg in episodes ranging from 2016-2019; and Niki Berger in Kanzlei Berger(Berger Law Firm) in 2021, and for bit parts in a bunch of other series throughout the years. The 5’6” actress with an angled jaw and stunning good looks also steals scenes in a slew of European feature films, including Griechishche Kusse (2008), or Greek Kisses, where she pulls out from her bikini top a perfectly perky pair that are kissed by the sun as she skinny-dips in the ocean with her beau. She also appears on the silver screen as Sekretärin Helen in action comedy crime Jerry Cotton (2010); Sara in the action comedy Offroad (2012); Sonja in comedy The Break Up Man (2013); Ina in action adventure comedy Not My Day (2014); Schwester Jenny in comedy crime Der Ietzte Bulle (2019), or The Last Bull; and Frau Trautmann in the family comedy Catweazle (2021). Nele obviously likes her comedies a whole lot, and we obviously like a whole lot of Nele.