Rosemarie Lindt in Salon KittyFlesh-Happy Filmmaker Tinto Brass's Sex-Soaked Nazi Brothel Drama Salon Kitty Gets the Special Edition DVD Treatment on this date in 2003.

The magnificent grindhouse archaeologists at Blue Underground, who had previously issued vintage skin classics such as Emanuelle in America and Eugenie ... The Story of Her Journey Into Perversion, outdid themselves by releasing a double-disc DVD special edition of erotic maestro Tinto Brass's lavish Third Reich brothel drama, Salon Kitty.

Aside from being the classiest product of the bizarre, only-in-the-'70s Nazisploitation subgenre (which includes Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, Love Camp 7, and SS Experiment), Salon Kitty nabbed Brass the job of directing Caligula, for which he brought along leading lady Teresa Ann Savoy.

Salon Kitty contains scenes of sweeping female nudity along with joltingly perverted kinks -- and we thank Blue Underground for doing this overstuffed cavalcade of arousing atrocities right.