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While promoting her new Netflix movie May December on The Drew Barrymore Show, Natalie Portman stated that she would never show her boobs for a role. She was quick to apologize to Barrymore, who has shown her big naturals multiple times on camera, after making this shocking declaration. But where's our apology? Portman has shown her boobs on camera (many times!) as well as her butt, and even her bush.

In fact, we've dubbed Portman the Nip Slip Queen thanks to her not one, not two, but three epic on-screen nip slips. You don't have to look hard at all to see her boobs pop out in Closer, V For Vendetta, and No Strings Attached. More like No Bra Attached. Right fellas?

Here's what Portman had to say to Barrymore when asked about the one thing she would never do for a role:

Um…show my boobs?... I’m just always like, ‘I don’t want my kids to see pictures online.'

In addition to being the Nip Slip Queen, Portman flaunted her incredible butt in the artistic Wes Anderson short film Hotel Chevalier. That's her best butt scene to date, but you can also peep it in Goya's Ghosts and Planetarium.

Natalie Portman Nude Sex Scene In May December (Yup, We See Natalie Portman's Bush)

As if all of this - the trio of nip slips and the ass scenes - isn't enough, Portman joined the bush-only club in her brand new movie May December. It's the same movie she was promoting on The Drew Barrymore Show, for goodness sake! Not only does Portman show her bush here, but the context is truly wild. Spoilers ahead.

Portman plays an actress named Elizabeth who visits the hometown of a woman loosely based on Mary Kay Letourneau, named Gracie (Julianne Moore), to research Gracie for her upcoming role in a biopic. The middle schooler who Gracie fell in love with decades before the events of May December take place is played by Charles Melton. His name is Joe, and while he's a full-fledged man in May December, it's still kinky as hell when Elizabeth has sex with him. It's all part of the research she's doing for her role. That's what we call rhythm method acting.

The director of May December, Todd Haynes, has a history of filming actresses bottomless, and you can see our full Todd Haynes bottomless roundup here. Unlike Natalie Portman, we cannot tell a lie.

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