Explicit Vid May or May Not Showcase Avril Lavigne Nude, Riding Skater Boi

Celebrity Sex Tape Archive is reporting rumors that a hardcore video has surfaced that features pint-sized pop-punk power-pixie Avril Lavigne.

Mr. Skin is a huge fan of the deliciously petite and potently punchy Ms. Lavigne and, upon examining the evidence here at the Skin Labs, our team has drawn a conclusion.

Unfortunately, it seems clear that the rambunctious blonde enjoying cowgirl-style intercourse on the tape is NOT Avril Lavigne.

This negative analysis comes despite some physical similarity between the chart-topper and the bone-hopper, as well as the fact that Avril’s song “Don’t Tell Me” plays while the couple goes at it.

Ultimately, the video was judged simply too lame to be the work of the North-of-the-Border spitfire.

Nice butt on whoever that is, though. Still, Mr. Skin prefers when the Real Deal peels, as Avril did at Canada's Much Music Video Awards. Just crack on the clip below.