Throughout the Month of October, Mr. Skin Counts Down the Sexiest Nude Horror Movie Hotties of All Time!

Number 31:Janet Leigh

In the annals of fright films, there is a time before Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960), and there’s all the scary stuff that came in its hacking, bleeding, cross-dressing, corpse-keeping aftermath.

Janet Leigh, as blonde schemer Marion Crane, is as much a key element of Psycho’s classic status as Anthony Perkins in the role of Mama’s Boy anti-hero Norman Bates and the Master of Suspense himself.

Without Janet’s hair-raising howls and daring bare body shots (click the pic to see her nude), there would be no Psycho shower scene, and without that shower scene the world be a much less frightening -- and sexy -- place.

So here’s to you, Naked Scream Queen #31 Janet Leigh. Thanks for scaring us stiff and right into the shower for nearly half-a-century. And thank you, too, for your very lovely daughter (more on her coming up...).