Make Your Dazzling Wit Pay in Dividends of Skin

You read the blog every day for the latest in celebrity nudes. You weigh in with your comments on whether or not we can expect to see Megan Fox naked in Jennifer’s Body or what’s the best Angelina Jolie topless scene.

We at Skin Central love to read your comments and opinions and now we’re going to show our appreciation by throwing a little competition into the mix.

Each Friday, the person who leaves the best comment on a post during the week will receive a free 3-day pass to that gives them full access to all the thousands of nude celebrity vids, pics, and reviews.

It’s only Tuesday and we already have a front-runner for comment of the week!

When James read yesterday's post about Mary-Louise Parker’s stated contrition over her nude scene in Weeds, he reacted the way most of us did: with disbelief, shock, anger, some reflections on his cousin’s behavior around nurses, uncomprehending panic, and finallytitillation.

But most of all, he just wanted to see some girls’ butts!

Here's the comment:

We saw all of her in Angels In America, doesn't she get turned on by every one seeing her naked. My cousin loves for the nurses to see him naked, turns him on. Mary-Louise has nothing to be ashamed of. I'd wish more woman got turned on by men seeing all of them. I'm getting tired of seeing naked men butts in movies. I want some girls butts.

If you can top this comment, there are three days of unlimited access to the world’s foremost celebrity nudity site in it for you.

The winner will be announced Friday. Vaya con Dios.

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