As We Count Down to the 81st Annual Academy Awards on February 22nd, Mr Skin Pays Tribute to the Twenty Actresses Who Took Home Oscar Gold for Films in Which They Flashed Flesh

Jessica Lange may not get as much attention as, say, Meryl Streep or Glenn Close, but there's no denying that the lady has acting chopsand she's got a mighty set of pork chops on her chest to boot. Jess has been nominated for a whopping six Oscars and taken home two. The first was for her supporting turn in Tootsie, and while she was supremely sexy in that comedy classic, she didn't whip out her Tootsie rolls for the camera. Her Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role came courtesy of Blue Sky. And while the movie is somewhat forgotten a decade and a half later, Jessica's powerhouse performance will still give you a powerful kick in the pants.