Willing to Baare Aall for Her Aart

Unconventional enchantress Maggie Gyllenhaal's name might contain a pair of A's, but it's her oft-naked B's that have everyone at Skin Central proclaiming her the undisputed queen of indie-flick flesh.

Consider her specifics. The quirky, flirty voice. The wild mass of tawny ringlets-above and below. The willingness to lay herself bare-emotionally and physically-to completely inhabit every role she takes on. The wry half-smile as she drops her top. Again and again and again.

"I think sex is very interesting for most people," says Maggie, "but I'm interested in sex as a way of communication, I'm not that interested in the fantasy version of a sex scene." Maggie's legion of lusty sex scenes, however, are the stuff of fantasy for skin fans everywhere!

Hard Facts

Maggie was raised in a Hollywood household-her mom is a screenwriter, her father is a director, and her brother is homo-on-the-range Brokeback Mountain (2005) (Pic: , ) star Jake Gyllenhaal. She cut her early cinematic teeth on some of Dad's flicks-Waterland (1992), A Dangerous Woman (1993), and Homegrown (1998)-but didn't earn her merit vadge-er, badge-in skinema until the infamous SM romance Secretary (2002).

"Things like the spanking scene with James Spader, I felt so protected and I was really trusting of James. So I felt excited and curious the way my character felt," she said of her role as a masochistic office worker who puts the "ass" in "admin assistant". (Pic: ) And Maggie's near non-stop airing out of her funbaggies and pleasingly profuse poon pelt will have you spanking . . . yourself!

Fun fact: the long stems and tantalizing tush in Secretary's movie poster, unfortunately, don't belong to Gyllenhaal-the pose is the work of a model who was dating her ex-boyfriend. Thankfully Maggie's foray into the dastardly world of body doubles has thus far been relegated to this poster only.

The next flashily fleshy film in Mag's filmography was the made-for-HBO skinstravaganza Strip Search (2004). Rarely has a movie's title been more bluntly apropos, as our heroine spends nearly twenty straight minutes in various stages of undress after being detained. Mysteriously pulled from HBO's schedule and never released on DVD, the film-arguably Maggie's breast work yet-remains little seen, though there is a staggering amount to be seen in the way of hooters, heinie, and Gyllenhair. Let's hear it for human rights-and lefts!

Continuing her striptastic streak of flicks with groin-popping titles, Maggie next gave her fans Happy Endings (2005) (Pic: ). A good sport in everything she does, she not only gave up a fast flip of right-side nip getting busy in bed with Josh Ritter, but she hit the sheets for a skin-free love scene with his onscreen father, Tom Arnold! Thankfully there's no Roseanne, but you'll get rosy hands when you see Maggie in the buff again. And to think that Maggie was actually the third actress chosen for the role! Would the previously cast Gwyneth Paltrow (Pic: , ) or Jennifer Garner (Pic: ) have given up gazonga so gracefully, gratefully, and gratuitously?

"Most people are interested in seeing twenty-seven-year-old women who are in movies somehow connected to sex," Maggie once said. And how! "It's interesting to everyone. Especially little movies that are having trouble getting made, there's always sex." And there was plenty of sex in Maggie's most recent flesh bounty, the critically acclaimed arthouse drama Sherrybaby (2006) (Pic: , ). As an ex-con trying to go straight, Mags will make you go straight in your shorts when she frees her Sherryboobies from the confining cotton prison of her clothing. No hairybaby this time, though-although after a hearty humping, she utters the jaw-dropping, fly-opening line, "Look at this. My friend shaved it. Do you want to kiss it?" (Pic: )

Since the birth of her daughter Ramona (with fianc?nd fellow double-vowel possessor Peter Sarsgaard) in October of 2006, Maggie has kept a low profile and taken a short break from the acting game. But ever the skinstress, not even a temporary reprieve from showbiz can keep Maggie's mams from giving people something to Ra-moan-a about-the paparazzi recently snapped her breastfeeding her baby in a park, her dairy dirigible completely exposed and proud. It seems that when it comes to nudity, Maggie's taking lessons from her ultra-liberal parents, of whom she said, "My parents are pretty mellow. I let them see [my nude scenes]. Someone said, 'How can you stand watching your daughter do this?' My dad said, 'Come on! I changed her diapers!'" Now that's dirty!